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1 Symfony how check is checkox is checked without form
2 Can not Detect Changes in Datagrid records bound to EF navigation property MVVM (works with listview) Your issue involves tracking changes in a DataGrid that has its ItemsSource bound to an Entity Framework's (EF) navigation property, all within the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architectural pattern. Unfortunately, without viewing your c...
3 SQL Query using IN() and a mandatory value To use the IN() clause along with a mandatory value in an SQL query, you can include the required value separately in the WHERE clause. Here's an example: ``` SELECT column1, column2 FROM table WHERE mandatory_value = 'some_value' AND o...
4 Finding userid in three column in one row To find the user ID in three columns in one row, you can use some simple SQL code. Assuming you have a table called "users" and the three columns are "column1," "column2," and "column3," you can use the following query: ```sql SELECT ...
5 Getting java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: in gwt The `java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError` is thrown when an incompatible class change occurs at runtime. This usually happens when you try to run code against an application programming interface (API) that is not binary compatible wi...
6 Wrong background color ListView row in adapter If you are experiencing issues with the background color of your ListView rows in your adapter, there are a few possible solutions: 1. Make sure you are setting the background color correctly in your adapter. Within your `getView()` met...
7 FlashDevelop runtime Overhead FlashDevelop is an integrated development environment (IDE) for development of games, applications, and animations using ActionScript and Haxe languages. It's tailored for Adobe Flash and AIR development, but since Adobe has discontinued...
8 How to make a console app read different lines from a text file? To create a console app that reads different lines from a text file, you can use the following C# code example: ```csharp using System; using System.IO; class Program { static void Main() { try { str...
9 Sending Byte Array as POST along with BasicNameValuePairs To send a byte array as a POST request along with BasicNameValuePair, you can use the following example in Java using Apache HttpClient: ```java import org.apache.http.HttpEntity; import org.apache.http.HttpResponse; import org.apache.h...
10 Hide soft keyboard on losing focus
11 error while installing WindowBuilder Pro Update Site - I'm sorry you're encountering issues installing WindowBuilder Pro. The error you're experiencing could be related to several issues, including an outdated or incorrect update site URL, network connection problems, or compatibility issues...
12 How do I divide matrix by scalar in MATLAB?
13 CSS Text Centering for absolutely positioned divs Oops! We're Experiencing High Traffic Right Now. We're delighted to see so many users interested in our website! Due to the overwhelming response, our servers are currently handling a lot of requests, which might slow down your experi...
14 How can I copy Eclipse classpath variables from one workspace to a new workspace?
15 Getting the activity inside fragment gives null pointer exception
16 How do I display a row of random numbers in C# instead of a column?
17 how to rename the global dojo, dijit & dojox global variables during build time (dojo 1.8.x)
18 Can the calender of a Silverlight DatePicker control be prevented from closing on date selection?
19 How do I populate jquery form with excel data To populate a jQuery form with Excel data, you can follow these general steps: 1. Convert Excel data to a compatible format: First, you'll need to convert the Excel data into a format that can be easily consumed by JavaScript. One commo...
20 c++: no matching function call, particularly it is declared as parameter type unmatching When you encounter a "no matching function call" error in C++, it means that the function you are trying to call does not have a matching declaration or definition. One possible reason for this error is that the parameter types in your ...
21 TFS Build vs local build
22 How to configure woocommerce to work with wildcard certificate and wp multisite?
23 MATLAB - Convert Number Character array to Number Integer array/matrix?
24 Laravel 4 Form::open set action
25 how to use a variable from other class in another class in php [closed]
26 I made a mistake in my source control mapping. How do I correct it?
27 PHP to read XML item under attribute
28 Child_info_fork error running code on cygwin [duplicate]
29 Resizing Java JFrame changes color of a Graphics component
30 Item rankings, order by confidence using Reddit Ranking Algorithms
31 Translate SQL to lambda LINQ with GroupBy and Average Sure, I can help with that. Please provide the SQL query that you would like to translate into lambda LINQ with GroupBy and Average functions.
32 Arraylist keeps throwing IndexOutOfBounds
33 special price - how to remove in mass?
34 C# Generics Interface Covariance In C#, covariance and contravariance are terms that describe how you can use a type that is more derived (covariance) or less derived (contravariance) than the one specified by the generic parameter. These features become especially usef...
35 how to generate a table from an XML file stored in BLOB format?
36 Dealing with Periods in rewritten Links
37 Flex 4.6 binding to Spark GridColumn width
38 Passing argument to custom SharePoint list form
39 Raw Type with List<String> gives compilation error [duplicate] When using raw types with a parameterized type like List<String>, it can cause compilation errors and warnings. This is because raw types essentially bypass the type checking provided by generics, which can lead to potentially unsafe and...
40 How to install/deinstall a Windows service in win32?
41 how to create jcombobox with jcheck box and multiple selection
42 I need to send a message to a method every time my app comes back from background To execute code every time your app comes back from the background, you can utilize the UIApplicationDelegate method `applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)`. This method is called when the app transitions from the background state to the active...
43 convert createBitmap from Java to JNI
44 Delay in loading the page when creating tabs using jquery ui
45 Nancy - Unable to resolve type: NHibernate.ISession
46 Maven 3.0.3 archetype creation: from multiple module project To create a Maven archetype from a multiple module project in Maven 3.0.3, you can follow these general steps: 1. **Create Multi-Module Project**: First, create a multi-module project structure with the modules you want to include in yo...
47 How to not assign an id when id is a fk with a custom id generator in ef
48 Retrieving a record with breeze
49 Using boost::lexical_cast<double>(string) `boost::lexical_cast` is a convenient way of converting between types in C++. Specifically, `boost::lexical_cast<double>(string)` can be used to convert a `std::string` (or C-style string character arrays) to a `double` value, provided t...
50 Run batch files according to the state of my explorer.exe in JAVA
51 integrate PHPExcel withe ZendFramework 2
52 facebook application misconfigured for login and unkonown host exception
53 Is the email cloaking feature in Joomla 1.5 useful at all? better alternatives?
54 Android Dialog Won't Resize (PhoneGap)
55 Android Calendar View for Date Picker with api level above 11
56 Matlab while looping; a function within a function
57 Java Function to rank and evaluate variables
58 JSON API action parameter for unknown object
59 Paging with LinkButton in Gridview
60 impossible to retrieve the image width if the css attribute is not set
61 How to align social media icons in one row?
62 ORA-01407:cannot update to null
63 Include SqlServerDriver on maven project To include the SQL Server JDBC driver in your Maven project, you need to add the corresponding dependency to your `pom.xml` file. The official SQL Server JDBC driver is provided by Microsoft and is known as the Microsoft JDBC Driver for...
64 Make C# user.config not version dependent [duplicate]
65 Mask image with static threshold in matlab
66 FullCalendar time on vertical axis
67 app slowing down due to image load issue
68 write double qoutes with razor
69 Simple POST using urllib with Python 3.3
70 ActiveRecord "where" produces different object than "pluck"
71 ProcessGetResponseWebException when calling wcf method hosted in azure from visual studio
72 Unable to read html from ajax data
73 reload jquery mobile list view on click
74 Breaking a local dependency to unit test a void method
75 Java Keybinding Plus Key
76 Java Strings Character Encoding - For French - Dutch Locales
77 add extra column which do not exist in the database
78 Symbols in Linux due to Version Change
79 openerp: simple function
80 AIR / Android, content-URI to AS3-file-path In Adobe AIR applications for Android, you can convert a content URI to a file path using the `File.applicationStorageDirectory` API provided by Adobe AIR. Here's a general approach to achieve this in ActionScript 3 (AS3): 1. Obtain the...
81 Android - aChartEngine getCurrentSeriesAndPoint() not working for disconnected graph
82 How can I modify a UIColor's hue, brightness and saturation?
83 how to a search a value in column of excel sheet using selection.find?
84 NSFetchedResultsController performance issues
85 Extract application icons from Desktop folder to application [closed]
86 Multiline in CGridView column
87 Check whether a list of pairs is unsorted To check whether a list of pairs is unsorted, you can compare each pair with the next one and determine if they are in ascending or descending order. Here's an example of how you can do this in Python: ```python def is_unsorted(pairs): ...
88 Suitable workaround for static field in generic class?
89 active directory membership provider and user data In the context of Microsoft's .NET framework, the Active Directory Membership Provider is a feature that allows developers to validate users based on their Active Directory (AD) credentials and manage these users within an application. T...
90 XML invalid issue It seems like you are facing an issue with an invalid XML document. Could you please provide me with more details about the specific error message or problem you are encountering? Additionally, if you could share the XML snippet that is ...
91 Heston Simulation Monte Carlo: Slow R code [duplicate]
92 RTL text in Facebook posts re-orders words
93 Getting Error.. Could Not Load File or Assembly 'System.Drawing,Version, Culture=natural...' error while converting from .net 4.0 to .net 3.5
94 Creating a cross domain web service
95 C# Rally RestAPI Add or Update A Tag
96 hg clone fails after adding subrepos
97 Uploading audio files in php not saved in designated folder?
98 Alphabetical order a 2d array
99 Set BOTH, android:onClick AND OnTouchListener
100 DataMapper does not see a property assigned with @